What is vSocial?
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How to chat and update my Facebook?
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How to use Facebook chat from my phone?



How to add email contacts and send emails?
How to add chat contacts and send chat messages?
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Why use vSocial?

  • Send and receive Facebook updates, email (Yahoo, MSN ,Gmail etc) and chat (Facebook, Yahoo, MSN, Gtalk etc) all on your phone using SMS

  • No internet needed
  • Free Viva Wireless email and chat address for all Viva Wireless subscribers. This will be the persons mobile phone number @vsocial.viva.com.do (example 123456789@vsocial.viva.com.do)

  • Update Facebook and reply to comments

  • Appear online (on Yahoo messenger or Facebook chat for example) from your phone

  • Send and reply to online chat messages all from your mobile using SMS

  • Let your email and chat follow you to your phone

  • No downloading of programs so it works on any phone!



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